Our Gigabit Solution

Our Gigabit Solution

WideOpen Networks helps communities establish and manage new Gigabit networks that lower the costs of telephone, TV, and Internet services for businesses, local government, and residents.

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We can help you assess business models
including the multi-service, multi-provider open access business model.
A Wide Variety of Broadband Services and Content

A Wide Variety of Broadband Services and Content

Our high performance, ultra-fast multi-service network designs have competition and choice baked in; on day one, your business and residential customers have a wide choice of broadband services and pricing packages, including Internet, telephone, computer backup, video, entertainment, gaming, healthcare, and much more.

A World Class Design Team

A World Class Design Team

Our management team and senior project leaders have decades of experience in the telecom industry, and there is no other company with as many successful multi-service networks already up and running. For each project, we assemble a world class group of network engineers, financial and business specialists, and network operations experts to meet your needs today and in the future with a network that offers the services that your residents and businesses want. WideOpen builds and manages networks that meet the needs of YOUR investors and the community.

A World Class Design Team

Local Investment Opportunities

Tired of fighting for affordable services from huge companies with call centers on another continent? Our business approach is to create a local company with local jobs, using our decades of experience in the telecom industry to design a new business poised to deliver the right services at the right price, with local investment and ownership opportunities. We can structure the business to include government, institutional, business, and citizen ownership opportunities.

  • Local ownership
  • Local investment opportunities
  • Local job creation
A World Class Design Team

Financing and Business Planning

We use the time-tested utility business model and apply it to broadband. WideOpen Networks develops a complete financing package designed to bring modern Gigabit network connections to most homes and businesses in the community as rapidly as possible.

A World Class Design Team

Best Practice in Management and Operations

We have hands-on experience operating multi-service and open access networks. We have the knowledge, the business agreements, and negotiating skills to bring a wide array of sevice providers and services to your ntework. We also understand how to market multi-service networks to ensure that financial and customer take rate targets are met.

  • Service provider attraction
  • Service provider contracts
  • Network monitoring
  • Network maintenance
  • Billing and financial management
  • Marketing
A World Class Design Team

Best Practice in Network Design and Construction

We design and build modern Gigabit networks on time and within budget. Our use of new and innovative construction materials and techniques keeps costs low. Our engineering and construction partners specialize in fiber and wireless network build outs, and we provide the project oversight and quality assurance needed to get your community world class broadband infrastructure. We pick best of class network equipment from manufacturers we know and trust to provide network gear that is reliable, easy to operate, and that has low maintenance costs.

  • Middle mile fiber design
  • Fiber to the home
  • Fiber to the business, including business and industrial parks
  • Wireless networks