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Network Operations

WideOpen Networks maintains a full service Network Operations Center (NOC) in Blacksburg, Virginia. We can provide 24/7/365 monitoring and support of your network, no matter where it is located. We are currently managing eight networks in three states. Give us a call to find out how we can help manage your network more efficiently and more affordably.

Our network operations services include:

Network Monitoring and Support

WideOpen can supply support for network operations, including engineering support for tickets not resolved locally, escalations from major customers, and escalations from interconnecting service providers or carriers.

Outside Plant Management

WideOpen can coordinate outside plant repairs, fiber drop installations, and other routine and emergency network maintenance activities with the firm designated by network owner.

Systems Management

WideOpen staff can catalogue, inventory, and track all active and passive network elements (e.g. switches, routers, CPE, etc.) and perform software and security patches, upgrades, and repairs as needed.

Billing Support

Generate monthly service provider invoices and subscriber reports on behalf of network owner, including service level detail.

Service Provider Management

Manage providers on the network, provide technical support and troubleshooting for providers, provision new services requested by providers, and report on service provider performance.