WideOpen adds Gigabit service to The Wired Road networks

  • Posted on: 3 November 2013
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WideOpen Networks Brings Gigabit Speeds to The Wired Road

Blacksburg, Virginia, 11/4/13

WideOpen Networks, which operates The Wired Road network on behalf of the Wired Road Broadband Authority, recently turned on Gigabit connections for many parts of Carroll and Grayson counties and the City of Galax. Many homes and businesses in area have eagerly awaited the Wired Road’s Gigabit services.  

With Gigabit services now available,  the Wired Road region joins a small group of  places in the United States able to provide Gigabit fiber services to businesses and residents. 

The Wired Road’s fiber connections can easily handle dozens of simultaneous services. These include HD television channels, business videoconferencing, telemedicine/telehealth applications, multiple telephone lines, Internet access, security services, and other specialized offerings. This new development provides speeds 80-100 times faster than most cable modem connections, and up to 1,000 times faster than many DSL connections. 

For businesses, this means the ability to support world class business videoconferencing in High-Definition (1080p) with five or more business locations connected simultaneously while still having the ability to surf the web and send/receive emails. Keith Barker, the Chair of the Wired Road Broadband Authority, said, “These new Gigabit fiber services are fulfilling our promise to provide world class, carrier quality connections to our manufacturing plants, large businesses,  medical facilities, and our local schools.”  Barker indicated that few other places in Virginia or the country can offer the combination of super-fast Gigabit fiber and the low prices available on the Wired Road.

WideOpen manages the extensive Wired Road network from its Network Operations Center in Blacksburg.  The work includes service provisioning; service provider management; coordination of outside plant maintenance; and “Tier Two” circuit troubleshooting and support. WideOpen maintains the network equipment inventory and manages all passive and active network elements, including software patches, upgrades, equipment configuration, and CPE device tracking and management.

The Wired Road network was the world’s first fully integrated wireless and fiber open, multi-service network, and began operations in 2008. Design Nine, WideOpen’s parent company, design and built the network. Covering more than 1,000 square miles of some of the most rugged and mountainous terrain on the East Coast, the Wired Road has fiber in Carroll and Grayson counties and the City of Galax, and more than 30 wireless access points on towers throughout the region.  Wired Road recently lit its first fiber to the home initiative, with a better than 30% take rate.

WideOpen Networks provides assistance to communities that want affordable, high performance Gigabit networks.  The company develops business plans, designs the network, assembles a financing strategy, and builds the world’s fastest and most reliable multi-service Gigabit networks.  WideOpen Networks is dedicated to getting communities the Gigabit network infrastructure needed to accelerate economic development, attract new businesses, and create jobs. 


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