WideOpen Networks manages the New Hampshire FastRoads Network

Blacksburg, Virginia, 10/14/13

WideOpen™ Networks announced an agreement with New Hampshire FastRoads (www.newhampshirefastroads.net) to support the FastRoads Gigabit network with operations and technical support.

FastRoads is an all fiber Gigabit network that connects 22 towns in rural New Hampshire with a high performance fiber backbone and Gigabit service availability in every connected community.  In Rindge and Enfield, more than 1000 homes have been passed with Gigabit fiber services, which will be delivering voice telephone service, super-fast Internet access, and IP-TV.  Four service providers have signed agreements to offer services on the network., including Sovernet, WiValley, G4 Communications, and BayRing Communications.  The providers will be offering a wide array of residential and business class services on the FastRoads network.

Advanced planning is already underway for deployment to other FastRoads towns.  FastRoads was funded by a $7.7 million ARRA broadband stimulus grant in partnership with the University of New Hampshire.  WideOpen’s parent company, Design Nine, assisted FastRoads with network design, grant writing, and build out management.  

WideOpen will be managing the extensive network from its Network Operations Center in Blacksburg, Virginia.  The work will include service provisioning; service provider management; coordination of outside plant maintenance; and “Tier Two” circuit troubleshooting and support. WideOpen will also inventory, track, and manage all passive and active network elements, including software patches, upgrades, equipment configuration, and CPE device tracking and management.  WideOpen customer management and billing services are powered by innovative network management software from COS Systems.

WideOpen™ Networks helps communities to operate, finance, and build modern, open multi-service fiber and wireless Gigabit networks. Carole Monroe, Executive Director of FastRoads, said, “WideOpen Networks and Design Nine understand our model as a Last-Mile Wholesale Provider with an open access network. Our customers are the service providers and our relationship with our service providers depends on the responsiveness of the WideOpen Network Operation Center for troubleshooting issues and provisioning new services. Their engineers stay on top of our core and hub equipment upgrades, as well as changes in the industry.”

WideOpen Networks was formed in 2011 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Design Nine to design, finance, and manage the world’s fastest and most reliable open, multi-service networks.  WideOpen Networks offers a comprehensive set of network design, financing, construction, and operations services aimed at getting communities the broadband infrastructure needed to accelerate economic development, attract new businesses, and create jobs.  

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Dave Sobotta

WideOpen Networks