What We Do

We work with network owners and communities to provide professional business and financial planning, network design/build services, and professional operations.  For towns, cities, and regions interested in being a "Gigabit Community," we help you take control of your economic future by developing a complete business plan and build out strategy for getting Gigabit fiber everywhere quickly.  

Our business plans include complete estimates of cost, conservative financing based on realistic assumptions about take rates and revenue, and detailed operational expense estimates.  We then help you build the network and operate it sustainably.  The process we use is based on more than twenty years experience working with communities on broadband initiatives, and incorporates the best practice techniques from dozens of successful projects.

  • We identify your local demand
  • We develop your business plan
  • We design your Gigabit network
  • We build your Gigabit network
  • We operate the network for you, ensuring a financially conservative and sustainable network that helps attract businesses and jobs.