WideOpen In the News

  • WideOpen is designing and building a county-wide high performance broadband wireless network in central Virginia.  Work includes site planning and construction of an expected eight towers.
  • In mid-2017, WideOpen will finish construction on a 20+ mile network in Missoula, Montana for the K12 schools.  Portions of the network are already lit and delivering 60 Gig of bandwidth to each of nineteen schools.
  • WideOpen and Design Nine built a 23 mile Gigabit fiber network in Bozeman, Montana in record time and under budget in 2016.
  • Design Nine completed a full citywide broadband plan for the City of Bozeman, Montana in early 2015 (Design Nine is a sister company to WideOpen).
  • Design Nine completed a full countywide broadband plan for Louisa County, Virginia in the spring of 2015  (Design Nine is a sister company to WideOpen).
  • WideOpen Networks Wins Network Operations Contract with Wired Road
  • WideOpen Networks Wins Network Operations Contract with New Hampshire FastRoads
  • WideOpen brings Gigabit services to The Wired Road network
  • WideOpen is providing network monitoring services to the City of Danville's nDanville network
  • WideOpen is developing a city-wide high performance fiber network design and business plan for Decatur, Illinois
  • WideOpen has partnered with Blacksburg Broadband LLC to provide network design, project management, and network management services for Blacksburg Broadband's WideOpen Blacksburg town-wide fiber to the premises project.