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Step One

Aggregate local demand, select the business model, develop the business plan, package the financing, and design the network.
Step Two

Build the network, attract services and providers, develop business policies and procedures, start connecting customers.
Step Three

Operate the network, plan expansion to take 100% "big broadband" everywhere, use innovative financing to build out quickly.
About WideOpen Networks

What We Do


  • Identify your local demand
  • Develop the business plan
  • Design your Gigabit network
  • Build your Gigabit network
  • Operate the network for you



What You Get


  • Easy to order services
  • Gigabit speed everywhere
  • Modern fiber and wireless designs
  • Wide choice of services and providers
  • Very competitive pricing



How We Do It


  • We build public/private partnerships
  • We keep telecom dollars local
  • Innovative financing strategies
  • Low risk, high gain build out strategy
  • Long term expansion planning